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Welcome to my resume. My name is Marshall and I do music production, sound engineering and voice acting. Throughout my life, I have been looking for my own business, a field of activity in which I would feel a constant interest and a charge of enthusiasm, which would also be useful to others. And it looks like I found one. I constantly practice, learn and develop in the directions in which I work. I hope my experience and skills will be useful to you. I develop musical compositions from start to finish. I myself invent melodies, make arrangements, mix and master musical works and control the quality of the finished product. I create music in styles: soundtrack, electronic, synthwave, pop, trap, ambient and other other styles. I do custom audio and video editing. I do classic editing of video material: reviews of various types, videos for youtube, advertising. I can also make a preview image. If necessary, I add subtitles, do color correction. I also do audio editing: podcasts, mixing several songs into one, including cleaning and processing audio material, as well as exporting to the desired format.


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Marshall Green
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December 15, 2022

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