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I can create an explanatory video with animation on the board

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I am whiteboard or 2D animation artist. 

Welcome to my chalkboard animation video concert. 

This gig includes everything to turn your idea into an amazing explainer video at an affordable price.


Package Included:

  1. Colorful animation on the board.
  2. Fast delivery on time.
  3. Attractive graphics.
  4. All packages include 1 professional male voiceover
  5. Any other professional narration outside of the available narration will require additional payment (and time) on top of the cost of the concert.
  6. Professional male and female storytelling in American, British, Australian, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Hindi.
  7. Whiteboard animations are displayed in any language and have flexible duration.
  8. All packages include 1080p 50fps animation or 4k video on demand.
  9. 100% customer satisfaction.
  10. Unlimited Versions (Premium Package Only)
  11. An introductory logo animation that matches the theme of your business.
  12. Text script required to get started (or purchase optional scripting service)
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