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I will create a custom whiteboard animation video

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Hi, friend! I offer animation videos on the board of the highest quality at competitive prices.


How would this happen?


- Script Writing: We have creative scriptwriters in our studio who will write script on any topic.
- Voice-over Recording: We can record your script in any accent as we have voice-over artists from all over the world. ( extras )
- Storyboard: Designers will get their hands on the drawings to convert your idea into attractive visuals.
- Finishing: Compilation of the visuals, voice - scene synchronization, exporting the video in HQ and send it to you to get the feedback.


What will you get?


- Creative Whiteboard Animation
- Powerful Script Writing
- Computer Voice Over
- Background music
- Unlimited Revisions
- Faster Turnarounds


You will get free Computer Voice-Over but if you want a real Human Voice then choose it from extras.

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