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 As a successful Etsy seller, I know how important views are to your company. More items have been sold in my shop, than in 80% of other Etsy shops! You will get a brand-new title and brand-new tags for your Etsy listings if you choose to buy this package.


What distinguishes me: I will not only provide the usual 13 tags; I'll also give you 13 more tags that you can put in the Materials section so buyers can see them or change over time with your search tags. In addition, I always include competitor research in every package. To ensure that your listing is at its best, I will conduct as much research as I need to on competitors.


*Remember that the search side of Etsy may take three to four weeks to notice a difference.


Please remember that increasing your Etsy visibility does not guarantee increased sales. I'm basically upgrading your title and labels to be more Website design enhancement agreeable.


I can assist you if you are using Marmalead or Erank and are not getting the results you want.


I appreciate your interest in viewing this listing and look forward to working with you!

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