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Hi gays! I am an experienced Roblox screenwriter.


My Roblox experience:


* Gun Systems
* Interaction Systems
* UI Scripting (Intermediate, such as custom leaderboards)
* Other Miniature Assets


My benefits:


* Quick and courteous responses within my accessible hours.
* User friendly scripts
* Scripts will be testable by the buyer
* Scripts are rigorously examined for flaws and bugs.
* Bug fixes for two weeks following fulfillment (up to 2 months if game-breaking)
* Routine updates


What won't I do? 


* Anything that violates Roblox ToS or Community guidelines
* Anything that violates oS
* Long term development
* Complete game creation
* And more, contacting me before ordering is the best way to guarantee that your order can be fulfilled.


Before ordering, be sure to contact us to discuss the deal.

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