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I will roblox 3d model for your Roblox games, clothing, house, car and buildings

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Hi gays! I am Darrell. I am a Roblox platform specialist with vast experience.

I build Roblox Games, and models in games, like buildings, vehicles, maps and terrain, using Roblox Studio and Blender. I will create the assets for your game or for the presentation of your product! the assets will be ready for any 3D engine such as Unreal Engine, Unity or CryEngine.


What can I do?


✔ Blender-made clothes
✔ Weapons
✔ Wood products
✔ Statues
✔ Buildings
✔ Cars
✔ Pets
✔ Trees and plants
✔ Silverware
✔ Electronics


What does the price of a gig consist of?


Full creation of 1 any object.

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