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Hello, I am an experienced designer, I have several years of experience in designing unique fonts. In this gig, I will design and create installable fonts for your company, business, and marketing.


I provide services:


☆ Create and Design New Fonts
☆ Colorful fonts
☆ Edit or Modify Existing Fonts
☆ Create Font Family
☆ Typeface & Typesetting
☆ Custom Fonts from Scrap
☆ Handwritten, Designing or Elegant Fonts
☆ TTF and OTF Formats (Windows & Mac)
☆ WOFF Format
☆ SVG Cutouts
☆ Print Ready
☆ Cricut Ready


You can use fonts in:


☆ Branding
☆ Designing
☆ Videography
☆ Typography
☆ Animations
☆ Cricut Ready
☆ Print Ready
☆ Logo and banners
☆ Custom Fonts
☆ Multiple language
☆ Windows & Mac.


I provide 3 packages of services:


The base package consists of:


☆ Includes Alphabets only A-Z
☆ Custom or Modify
☆ Regular Font Only
☆ No color


The standard package consists of:


☆ Alphabets and Numbers (A-Z & 0-9)
☆ Custom or Modify
☆ Regular, Italic, and Bold Fonts
☆ No color


The premium package consists of:


☆ Alphabets, Numbers, and Characters
☆ Assign Signature or Special Character Input
☆ Design, Custom, and Modify
☆ Regular, Italic and Bold Fonts
☆ Colored Characters and Alphabets (Illustrator and Photoshop)


I look forward to your inquiries and successful cooperation.

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