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Hello everyone, my name is Albert Kuhlman and I am a professional business plan writer.


I am always available to offer services including market research, market analysis, industry analysis, web research, target market analysis, competitor analysis and high quality web research services.


A complete financial plan will include:


1. Profit and loss (annual and monthly)

2. Balance sheet (annual and monthly)

3. Cash flow statement (annual and monthly)

4. Break-even analysis

5. Income forecast model

6. Relevant graphs and charts


By choosing this gigs, you will receive:


1. Summary (Business Summary, Goals, Keys to Success, Vision, Mission, Core Values, Guiding Principles)

2. Company summary

3. Complete market analysis (market size, market growth, market definition, market segmentation)

4. Summary of strategy and implementation

5. Summary management

6. SWOT analysis

7. Comprehensive marketing plan

8. Complete financial plan


I am writing a business plan in English, German and Turkish.

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