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Want to improve in Fortnite?

My name is Aimbotgott (Jonas). We are here to help you achieve your goals in Fortnite. I've already gained a lot of experience playing this game over and over again since it was released over 4 years ago

He has already won $1,800 in an official Fortnite tournament. I want to share with you all the techniques and little secrets that helped me get there.

At the start, I usually play him one-on-one with you to see your playstyle and analyze and fix your biggest mistakes. After that, we'll discuss the best techniques to practice and help you get the best keybindings. 

Most of the sessions are individualized, practicing and reviewing the areas you need to improve the most. Whether it's a VOD review, live coaching, or 1:1, we can win together in whatever way works best for you.


I have already had many happy customers in the past.

If you have any more questions or would like to see more proof of my work, feel free to send me a DM. We are happy to help you become a god in Fortnite!

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