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I will create 3d models of cubes with fonts that can be printed in 3d

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Create a 3D model of a set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d00 roll, d12, d20) using a custom font for numbering*. 


You can also replace one (or many) of the dice faces with custom symbols, such as 20 of D20 or all faces of D6 (see packaging options and gallery for examples).


Why do you want to do this? The most common use case is to create your own Die Master to create a mold for casting your own set of resin dies. 


However, printing dice is also a good way to test the quality limits of a 3D printer (both FDM and SLA type printers).


* Both font files and illustrations respect the copyright, and only models that use fonts and icons that are approved for commercial use can be created.


If you provide a font/icon for use in a model, make sure you are the creator of the asset, are authorized to license us in the model, or the asset is open source, or have a free license Make sure you have


If you want more than one custom symbol for the dice, you can add them in the extras section.






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