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Hi, friend! I have been coding discord bots for over 3 years as a hobby and professionally. I can create any kind of discord bot according to your requirements, there are almost no limits!


What can I do?


◻ Web dashboards
◻ Leveling systems based on message count and voice channel minutes
◻ Economy bots with games and rank shops
◻ Queue systems
◻ Games such as slot machines and blackjack
◻ Link/Bad word remover
◻ Ticket systems with transcription
◻ API Integrations (Ex: translator, game stats...)
◻ Moderation with logging
◻ Much more!


Why me?


◻ Quality of work.
◻ Fast shipping.
◻ Post-project support.


I will include source code and help setting up the bot for free on every project.

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