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I will do all sorts of special visual effects in after effects vfx

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Hello! My name is Kevin. I have over 5+ years of experience working on editing as well have film-making experience. I do VFX video editing, VFX, and almost all types of video content-related work.


I will make the best Video editing, VFX, and all special effects. I will give your film life by adding fire, smoke, sparks, clouds, rain, snow, glass shatter, and lots of similar stuff. Elements 3D also included.


Why choose me?


✔️ High quality

✔️ High resolution

✔️ Least possible file size (I use high compression tools)

✔️ Any commonly used format and 4k, 2k, pro-res available.
✔️ Add 1-2 simple elements or simple editing.


I can do:


📽️ Video editing /Color grading.
📽️ Adding visual effects to your video.
📽️ Assistance in making action, sci-fi, horror, or any other films.
📽️ Green screen keying.
📽️ Advanced rotoscoping.
📽️ And many more.


The base price includes Add 1-2 simple elements or simple editing.


Thank you!

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