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I will transcribe piano, vocal audio to sheet music by ear

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Hello! I have been an amateur musician for over 5 years. I play the piano, guitar, bandura and other instruments. I have very good hearing, so I will help you with the next one.


I professionally transcribe piano/vocal music audio to sheet music by ear. After some days you'll get a professional high quality PDF sheet music with MP3 audio example(played by Musescore).


How do I work?


- For engraving I use editing program Musescore 3.0
- After engraving I can export it to PDF, MIDI, XML
- You have unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.


What does the price depend on?


The price depends on the file length and complexity. In the standard package, I suggest you do 3 minutes, if you need more, choose additionally or write to me.

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