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In the first 6/10 people who want to have public speaking training with one of my most popular course, you can get 30% discount on all participants.


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Schools for the degree of Master of Education (M.Ed). The University of Technology and Engineering TECH University, Spain.


The Public speaking coach, professional voice over actor (radio & TV) and social media influencer is the name of the profession.


Since the start of the year, over 200+ students around the world have created a speakers community on social media with 12.200+ followers on Instagram. I can help you raise your confidence and take it to the next level.


So how? How is?


It is possible to use elements such as:


A vocal Vocal projection is performed by the,

The body language, the body language,

Famous facial expressions, face expressions,

Stories, Storytelling and Writing,

More and more!


Well, if its to improve:


Conversations, 1on1 talk calls and one on One,

Talk to the conference, speak at a conference,

Present a class, present the lesson to a class.

A presentation in front of a camera will be delivered.

Successful in the job interview.

Record videos for social media, broadcast them on your social media.

Create your podcast or

Business presentation.


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