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I will do imaginary modern minimalist logo design

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About This Gig


Welcome to my fictional modern minimalist logo design gig.


My name is David. Worldwide and I have scaled over 4000 small and large businesses. Do you know why their business is more successful? Because they created the story behind their business by designing a fictional modern logo and branding.


What I promise: 

You can't run a business without a unique logo. If you decide to work with me, you will have your own unique brand identity that will drive brand awareness.Because I create stories, not just images.

  • Custom design fromhanddrawnsketches.
  • Reliable andfastcommunication tobetterunderstandyour thoughts.
  • Original,imaginativeand creative modern design for your business


My workflow process

After you place an order, we will answer a questionnaire and create some logos based on the packaging. Once one is selected, we develop colors and fonts interactively until we get the perfect one.


We do not accept adult or illegal content.

 We do not design mascots or cartoons.


 I am excited to work with you! Order now! 

If you have any questions, please send one message.

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