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Hello, my friend! Having difficulty during interviews? Can't find a job? Then you are at the right place, I will help you and we will pass the interview together.💪💪💪


Who am I?


I worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young in Los Angeles for over 20 years. In my professional career, I have gone through rigorous interviews with dozens of companies in various industries and received offers for many of them. During my time at E&Y, I worked extensively with the recruiting team and understand what recruiters are looking for and how they approach candidate selection.


How can I help you?


The interview session will go over either different types of questions - behavioral, leadership, competency, role-specific, or a mixed combination. The questions I will ask will be catered to the position you are seeking, and have a chance of being asked by the interviewer.


I will help you prepare for your job interview(s) by providing you detailed and concise feedback and tips to help you create strong first impression and help you stand out from your competitors.


The price per gigs includes an analysis of your situation and an hour's consultation.

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