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Automating test cases of a web service or API

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I am a Certified Advanced RPA and QA Automation Professional

Below are my areas of expertise with experience in each

1. Automate Everywhere - Over 2 years with 6 bots in production.

2. Designing test automation frameworks using Selenium + Java, UFT + VB Script - 9+ years

3. Katalon Studio 1 year

4. Web, Rest, Soap service automation, and desktop-based applications.

5. BDD cucumber

6. Integrate Elastic Search with Kibana's Selenium-based framework

7. UiPath, SQL, ALM.


9. Jenkins

10. Maven, Gradle

11. Source Love


About this gig

I am a Certified Advanced RPA and QA Automation Professional.

I have over 10 years of expertise in designing test automation frameworks using Selenium + java, UFT + VB scripting, POSTMAN and Katalon Studio.


He has extensive experience working with automating web, rest, soap services, and desktop-based applications.


We also do cloud testing with BDD-Cucumber, Elastic Search, Excel macros, GIT, Gradle, CI CD tool Jenkins, and sourcelabs.


We can discuss more about your requirements and come up with the best solution.

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