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I configure dns records a, cname, txt, ns, mx, spf, dkim, dmarc

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Every time you visit our website, you are interacting with the world's largest distributed database. 

This large database is collectively known as the DNS or Domain Name System. Without it, the Internet as we know it would not work.


Let us help you create DNS records for your domain:

-NS records (name servers)

-Entry (host address)

-AAAA record (IPv6 host address)

-CNAME (canonical alias name)

-MX Record (Mail Exchange)

-TXT record (description text)

-Email setup in cPanel or third party email hosting solutions like Gsuite, Office365 Outlook Email, Zoho Mail, Private Email.

-SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to prevent spam and spam.

-DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) entry to prevent email bounce

-SPF and DKIM-based DMARC records for domain email authentication (domain--based message authentication, reporting, and compliance).

-Connect your domain to Shopify, WiX, Squarespace, WooCommerce

-Any record type is allowed wherever your domain hosting supports it.


I guarantee

100% security of your information

100% customer satisfaction

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