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I will setup spf, dkim, dmarc and bimi for better email delivery

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      How can I make sure my outgoing email domain is set correctly for better email delivery and avoid spam? 


       You must use the email authentication method.


SPF – very important and should be fixed. This is an email authentication method that helps ensure your message is coming from an authorized server. Setting up SPF helps prevent spoofing and spam and improves message deliverability.


DKIM – Adds a signature that is verified by the receiving server to ensure the message cannot be forged or altered in transit.


DMARC – Tells the receiving server to check SPF and DKIM to ensure the email is coming from an authorized server.


BIMI (Branded Message Identification) – A new standard to display your logo on every email so that your recipients recognize and trust your brand.


Email is essential for business communication. Don't give in to spam or spoofing.


Also, I can check and fix other DNS related problems;

  • MX record - mail server like Gsuite, Outlook, Office, Zoho
  • NS record - name server like Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Siteground
  • CNAME or TXT record for Lemlist, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Klaviyo

Your security is my business.

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