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I will prepare 1040 tax form, payroll 940, 941, payroll report for erc

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Hello! Welcome to my gigs! I will suggest that you make a tax form 1040, payroll 940, 941 and payroll for the ERC with the correct calculations for the United States (USA).


Why should I believe you?


I am a graduate with over 6 years of accounting experience and a valid US license.


Requirements for pay stubs, cheques, pay slips and tax forms:


✔️ Name of employee and employer

✔️ Address of employee and employer for payroll, check receipts, payroll, payroll
✔️ Salary Details
✔️ Payment period
✔️ Phone numbers and email for employer and employee
✔️ Age
✔️ Family status
✔️ Email for software installation
✔️ Any other


I am doing work in the following tax services:


✔️ Schedule C
✔️ W2
✔️ 1099 Form
✔️ 1040 Tax Form (2 Pages Only)
✔️ Payroll 940 Form & 941 Form


DISCLAIMER Paystubs/ Payslips/ Payrolls Report or any other Tax form assume the information provided by you is true. The use of the document is at your own risk. Documents are not intended to duplicate, resemble, mislead or defraud that of the other official institute or agency. The seller assumes no liability of any illegal or misuse of the documents provided and the buyer accepts full responsibility.

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