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Create a stunning brand name and a proper brand positioning

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The right way to start a conversation with your audience is the name.

The researchers of Nielsen say that names can lend credibility to product efficacy and provide an assurance of quality, letting consumers know what they are going to expect.

You can get a full concept and an amazing name that will have a big impact on your sales.


And what recommends you

Branding, copywriting and strategy are my main skills. I have over 6 years of experience in the field of marketing, strategy and copywriting, gaining experience as an employee and as a hired professional in different media agencies. In the past 6 years, I developed my set of skills and a deep understanding of my clients' needs.


A seller on Gig for more than 2 years, helping people shape their brands properly.

In my career, I worked in different industries, from corporate to b2b and many others as I believe that it is our job as professional to understand each client's requirements regardless of the requirements.


Everything to expect What to expect

The name will come with a check for the region and a domain check for the needed domain type.


Looking forward to be part of your journey.

See the example below. Check my PDF examples below.

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