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I can professionally tune, restore and mix your vocals

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I am a music producer and sound engineer with 8 years of experience in vocal tuning, production, recording, mixing, mastering and sound engineering.


There are two approaches to this work:

-If you're looking for a "robotic" effect, which is very common in genres like trap and pop, you can use autotune.

-Melodyne allows me to manually tune the vocals so that every note is heard accurately and very naturally. (no one will notice that your vote has been manipulated)


What do you do with your vocals?

Equalizer, Time Sync, Manual/Auto, Pitch Correction, Delay, Reverb, Compression, Clipping, Saturation, De-essing, Volume, etc.


With the premium package, your voice will be perfectly mixed and processed with your beats and songs ready to be uploaded to all the streaming platforms you want (Spotify, Youtube, Tydal...).


What matters most to me is getting what you like, which is why every pack includes unlimited versions.

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