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Hello! Need someone to take your podcast from amateur to PROFESSIONAL? Congratulations! You've come to the right place.


To put it simply, I do everything I can make your podcast sound great!


My services include:


🎶 Assemble and edit your podcast from beginning to end
🎶 Reduce excessive noise ie: background buzz, hiss, hum, or distracting room noise.
🎶 Adjust audio levels and make hosts/guests consistent throughout the podcast
🎶 Add an intro & outro to your podcast (intro/outro provided by you)
🎶 Edit out pauses & gaps in the audio or conversation
🎶 Remove excessively loud breaths (Only if its very noticeable)
🎶 Reduce room echo (the amount of reduction depends on the severity of the echo/issue)


If you have terrible recording quality, I can fix it, but it will take more time. Before ordering, throw off the recording so that I can evaluate the quality of the recording.


The gig includes the price for editing 25 minutes.


Waiting for you.

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