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Hi! I'm here to help you with your JavaScript programming. JavaScript is the best way to greatly enhance user interaction on your website. 


You can communicate with the browser as well as the document. It also prevents unnecessary page loads. See my services below for more information.


Languages: JavaScript, jQuery



Fix navigation bar when scrolling

progress bar

Graphs and charts (chart.js)


animated counter



Advanced form validation

wish list

shopping cart

and whatever you want


With libraries for these things, why should I use vanilla JavaScript?


Well, we have libraries for most things. 

But the problem is that it's not always customizable. While using these 3rd party libraries I am unable to add the functionality I need.


 Additionally, our web pages need to import thousands of lines of code from entire libraries (such as jQuery) to perform some simple tasks.

 These also affect website speed. Instead, you can use a few lines of Vanilla JavaScript to meet your requirements as you see fit.

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