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Call potential homeowners willing to sell their homes and ask if they have mortgages, major repairs, sale timelines, or any other questions. 

It then gives them to you as clues. Contact the prospect and leave a voice message if they don't respond.


Note that the quality of your prospect list and the quality of your skip traces have a significant impact on your results.


A good skiptracer can help you succeed in the real estate cold-call game as it helps you narrow down your search to find great lead sources.


Real estate call types:

Before Foreclosure (Good Conversion Rate)


Probate (lowest conversion rate)

Vacant or absent owners (highest conversion rate)

Expired listings (lowest conversion rate)

Delinquent taxes (good conversion rate)

cash buyer

drive in dollars


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

If your listing doesn't get a positive result, your next order will be 50% off.

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