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I am considering formulating and preparing a business plan. 


Not only is this an excellent discipline in itself, but it is an important document to present to potential investors and investors who want to see evidence of clarity as to “why you are starting a business.” and "How do I start a business?" 


Financial institutions look for sound business plans, good cash flow management, strong balance sheets, and balanced management teams when considering applications.

 A business plan is an important first step.


Investor Business Plan Section I Provide


  • Executive Summary (Highlights, Purpose, Mission, Keys to Success)
  • Company overview (company ownership, start-up overview)
  • Products and services
  • Summary of Market Analysis
  • Target market segment strategy
  • competition and buying patterns
  • Summary of strategy and implementation
  • Competitiveness
  • marketing strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Management overview (personnel plan, table: personnel)
  • financial plan
  • start-up funds
  • 5-year Profit and Loss Forecast
  • Forecast balance sheet for about 5 years
  • Predict cash flow for about 5 years
  • Break-even point analysis
  • With graphs and tables.


Note: To check out samples, please contact us before ordering.

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