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Hello! My name is James, I will report on your business performance.


Who am I?


I am a financial analyst with 7+ years of experience. During this time I have done a lot of similar work.


What will I do?


I am able to take any existing MS Excel or Google Sheet and revamp so as to make your file/report more accessible, easier to get the data needed and be able to update without any worry.


At least a couple of tabs will be produced for the business report - one detailing the key performance indicators and another showing any tables and graphs to highlight trends


Having done this for companies in telecoms, utilities and entertainment, i have a great understanding of what the key metrics to be displayed are and how best to present them.

In addition, i can improve and speed up any existing manual processes to save you time and money via macros, formulas and automation.


The gig price includes: This package provides buyers with an updated report, catered to your needs & delivered easy to use


Thank you!

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