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I can design architectural urban project

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About this gig

Good day!


I am a designer and creative architect.

I will provide excellent quality 3D model, urban master plan, draft plan, technical drawing and renderings from your architectural drawings, 3D or sketches.

Complete project from scratch.


What I just need:


-Autocad drawings or,
-PDF, jpg of your architectural drawings or,
-Sketchup 3D model or,
-A photo of your building or,
-A hand drawn sketch or,
-Just your idea
for 3D model development, urban master plan, plan design, technical drawing and final rendering


i'm an expert


-Urban design and rendering
-Exterior landscape
-3D buildings and environment
-Architectural technical drawings
-General plan
-Floor plan and section
-Graphic design, logo and layout



you can order customized offers that suit your needs.
changing prices for large-scale projects.

Please contact me before placing an order. This will help me get a better deal


Thank you!

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