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I will create compelling cold email copy to generate leads

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Hi! Do you want to increase the number of potential customers in your mailbox? You've got a high quality service or product, and you're pumping out quality content, but you just don't have enough people in your pipeline? You've tried cold emails and you've messaged dozens or even hundreds of people on LinkedIn, but to no avail? Do not worry! I'll do everything! I can help you write effective email copy.


Why me? I have a master's degree in Digital Marketing from the Germany and 6 years of industry experience.


There are two industry secrets to writing cold emails that generate leads: empathy and repetition


Why empathy? Well, you've likely heard of the age old saying in sales, "People buy with emotion and justify with logic."


And if you care about your customers MORE than you care about your business, you will succeed. This is my mantra - I want to care about you and your business more than my own.


And repetition? Well, if you're not following up with your prospects, then you're wasting your time. People are busy. They need to be reminded a few times that you exist before making a purchase.


I will be glad to fruitful cooperation!

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